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The Projects community provides ideas and hints on the inspiring projects you can do with your Dremel. All projects that are shown have the following things in common: They are inspiring, fun to do and require an eye for detail. To make it easier for you we will show you which tool and which accessories you can use for certain applications, but these are just examples. There is much more you can do with Dremel.

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    Model building

    Like to work on the details of your modelbuilding projects?

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    DIY Indoor / Outdoor

    Use Dremel to tackle a wide variety of DIY jobs in and around the house.

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    Decorative and creative Projects

    Give an extra touch to your personal belongings by creating detailed decorations.

  • Outdoor

    Case modding

    With Dremel you can now personalise your computer.

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    Always lovely to see beautiful homemade jewellery.

  • Outdoor

    Car restoring

    With Dremel you can renovate your oldtimer back to its original state.